Residential Landscaping, South Nowra

How amazing does this home look! Not too long ago this was an unfinished front yard with nothing more than a makeshift dirt driveway and some patchy grass. Our clients and close friends Josh and Michelle, built their home a few years ago, however the front was left a little unloved until now.

Due to the slightly sloping block and extra height to the left of the property, it was essential that we created a retaining wall to allow for a usable area at the front of the home and also to help the movement of rainwater during periods of heavy downfall. You will notice also that we installed drainage both at the base of the retaining wall and at the bottom of the driveway as a second line of defence and in turn has eliminated any water issues that our clients were experiencing.

The generously sized concrete driveway is definitely a massive step up from the dirt track we seen in the past, with a nice flowing transition from street to garage has made Josh and Michelle’s lives a whole lot easier. To complete this project and give it some much deserved colour, we laid turf and added the simple yet effective garden on the top side of the property. A few months on and the lawn is immaculate and the plants are thriving.

What an incredible transformation this was and an absolute pleasure to be able to help our friends complete this project before the arrival of their first baby.