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Updated: Oct 7, 2018

They say “A house is built by hands, but a home is built by hearts”, well we are lucky enough to have many hands and many hearts helping us build our dream.

A build definitely doesn’t just happen overnight, for us, planning started about 2 years ago when Dave sold his house in Wollongong and we packed up and moved south searching for our dream. In that time also, we have bought 2 beautiful girls into our world.

It took many hours of research, long drives looking for “For Sale” signs, a fall through on one property, a rejected offer on another, along with plenty of meet and greets with real estate agents and eventually with the help of Graeme from One Agency in Kangaroo Valley we were introduced to a property, in which we now call “La Belle Vallee” which translates to “The Beautiful Valley”.

To date, along with our incredibly hard working team Josh, Jye and Will, our trusted long term trades, our gun building designer Annabelle (Bespoke Belle Building Design + Interiors) and also a few new trades too, Dave and I have been fortunate enough to have many others helping us bring this project to life. We are both so lucky to have extremely helpful and loving families who have all played a massive role in our build to date.

Dave’s brother Luke is our Engineer (ALBA Consulting Randwick). He has provided us with countless hours of advice, structural drawings, site visits, recommendations and also reassurance.

My sister Georgia in an Interior Designer who also has extensive experience in both kitchen and bathroom design and construction so she has already been able to help us immensely with our planning and also the endless amount of finish and fixture selections that we need to work through. She has spent so many hours running all over Sydney picking up samples for us to see. This process has been made so much easier and more enjoyable having her guidance and advice on standby.

My brother Adam, is also a builder and has been in the industry just as long as Dave. His passion and drive for the work he does is astounding and we are so thankful to have him as an extra set of hands when needed to help us get the job done. Adam was here with us on slab #1 pour day and will be here to help us during other parts of the build in the coming months as he is available. Adam has spent the last decade working on high end luxury builds so to have someone with his level of experience, attention to detail, work ethic and recommendations available to us, we are so privileged.

Apart from building and design works, we have a team of helpers that have been helping us with, well everything else. My Mum Anni has actually relocated to Kangaroo Valley to help us in whatever way she can. She spends endless hours looking after our girls, doing our washing, cooking meals, taking Astin to day care and doing groceries for us (this is just some of what she actually does). Dave’s Mum Sue and partner Greg have Astin when ever we need, and as Avi gets older I’m sure they will take her too! Dave’s sister Rachel lives in Sydney but is here whenever she can be to help us with the girls or with anything else we need. Dave’s Dad Nick has been here many days throughout the build helping out with the concrete pours, cutting fire wood, cleaning up on the property and cooking meals. The last one to mention is my sister Sam and her husband Tim. Whilst they live 5 hours away and can’t be here often, a few weeks ago Tim took annual leave from him job to come and work with us for the week. Honestly, who takes holidays from work to go and work??

We cannot describe how fortunate we are to have people like these guys in our life. A ridiculously selfless act that no matter what we do, we will not ever be able to repay them for their time and efforts. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou – you guys are amazing!

(I haven't got pics of everyone, i'll need to update ASAP!)

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