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Accommodation options for multiple generations!

Updated: Jan 25, 2018

Are you currently designing a new build or extensive renovations to your existing dwelling? Have you considered including an accommodation option for multiple generations such as your parents or your child and their family?

An emerging trend we have been hearing/reading a lot about recently is that more homeowners are choosing to live with extended family members and when you think about it, there are some great reasons as to why; to tackle the rising costs of living as a bigger unit, young couples are finding it increasingly difficult to buy their first home whilst renting so children are moving back in to their parents home with their own partner or family to save and new home builders are putting provisions in place now so they can accommodate their ageing parents in the future.

This could mean building a completely separate 'granny flat', a self contained 'studio' or going all out and including a separate ‘wing’ to your home with possibly a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen/lounge area for example. We are finding new home builders and renovators are becoming quite savvy with their designs as well, to allow this additional space to be a unique inclusion under the one roof rather than a noticeable detached dwelling that takes up precious yard space.

Depending on the zoning you are located in, there may be restrictions that apply to you that you will need to investigate, but if you could work it in to your design and budget, would you? What a fantastic addition to your home and potential to increase the value of your property in the long run. I personally would love to have my Mum live with us, just think of all that free childcare!


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