Director of Djokic Constructions, Dave began in the industry at 17 years of age with Grindley's Construction of Sydney whom specialise in Accommodation, Education and Aged Care Facilities. Dave completed his carpentry apprenticeship with the company and continued on for a number of years moving through various roles from Apprentice to Foreman.


After being with Grindley’s for 9 years and gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience, Dave’s ultimate goal was to form his own Company to build his own legacy and in 2010 he achieved just that as Djokic Constructions was formed.


The first role Dave was awarded upon the commencement of Djokic Constructions was as the Structural Forman for the construction of Wollongong University’s $36 million Smart Facility. This massive infrastructural addition to the Wollongong Campus included the installation of three separate link bridges from the Smart Facility to adjoining buildings. This aspect of the project still remains a highlight of Dave’s career.


Over the years Dave has completed numerous works in various locations across Eastern Australia both for himself as Djokic Constructions and also taking on Management roles for larger companies as required. He has never limited himself to just simple works. He prides himself in taking on difficult and detailed projects which has allowed him to really push his capabilities and knowledge as he thrives to excel further within his career and build the strength and credibility of our Company each year.


We are a team made up of passionate and dedicated individuals who live and breathe construction, architecture, interior design and landscaping. We undertake every project with the same drive and commitment, small or large, always with a client centric focus.
We take pride in our business, our workmanship and our ability to take on difficult, daunting and intricately detailed works. These more difficult works are both professionally and personally rewarding to our team and this mentality has become the backbone of our company 
Our vast knowledge and experience, our problem solving ability, our attention to detail and the industry high standard of our work has set us apart in this market and has allowed us to evolve over the years without ever compromising our Clients needs.

We are based in Kangaroo Valley and take on the majority of our works within a 1 hour radius. 

Djokic Constructions offers a large range of services. To be able to facilitate such work our team consists of skilled carpenters, apprentices, labourer’s, office staff and an excellent team of preferred Subcontractors.